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About bild images

My name is Lynore Avery. I am bild images.


I live in Sydney, Australia, and I have worked as a graphic designer and illustrator since 2000. I’m a sole trader and a creative freelancer. I’ve worked with clients in the corporate, government, infrastructure, hospitality and education sectors.


My design strengths are in branding and publication design. I can work with you to identify the needs of your business, present you with creative solutions, and effectively manage your job from initial concepts through to final delivery.

I also create illustrations – vector graphics, infographics, technical illustrations and hand-drawn illustrations. You can see more of my illustration work here


I love the challenge of coming up with ways to communicate ideas visually. Telling stories through pictures. If you have an idea for a project – whether small or large – let's talk about it. If you need graphics support but don't know where to start – get in touch.

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